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Mariana Brooke is a character in Fertile Breeder - Captured and Boston Breeder. She is involved in the episodes involving demons and other supernatural phenomenae.


Brooke was born and grew up in a small town in California, spending most of her time near the water. When the NCR moved into the Mojave, she was eager to head to the frontier for a taste of adventure.

In the Mojave, she befriended a Ranger Captain named Keller. The two became close friends, giving Brooke some privileges within NCR territory. At an unknown point in time, Brooke became infected with the IHFM. Although she did not bother too much with it, she was aware of it soon enough to prevent human pregnancies, considering she isn’t mother to any humans.

Some time before the events of Fallout: New Vegas begin, she was jailed in Callville for unknown reasons. Eventually ending up in an underground temple, she was forced to breed Lurkers (a higher form or Lake Lurks or Mirelurk Kings) for the demon Rotihar.

With the help of the Courier, she eventually got out of the Temple and resumed life in Callville after Rotihar’s attempt to seize the town.

Whether Rotihar was successful or not, Brooke witnessed the demon die at an unspecified point in time.

After the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, Brooke spent about a year in Callville before setting off. She intended to hunt down more relics and demons. It is unclear whether she did this for selfish reasons or in an attempt to do good. The fact that she is bent on destroying Ug’s Hand indicates she does it with moral reasons in mind.


  • Many aspects of Brooke relate to water. Her first name, Mariana, is taken from Mariana's Trench.
  • Brooke's birthday (February 19th) is the first day of the Pisces zodiac sign, further adding to her relation with water.
  • Initially, she was supposed to have brown hair and average/lightly tanned skin. It was changed to black hair and pale skin to reflect her witch-like character within the world.
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