Breeder Wikia

It begins as soon as you enter the FOB Sigma while talking to April Bourne.

Once at Mystic Pines you'll meet Cedric Spears, another scientist who wants to find a cure for the Breeder mutation.

10 Enters the Hornets HQ.
20 Talk to April.
30 Follow the Mirelurk trail.
40 Talk to the Scavenger.
50 Investigate Mystic Pines.
60 Talk to April.
70 Meet April outside of Diamond City.
80 Talk to Dr. Wolfe.
90 Sit down in the Dugout Inn.
100 Talk to April.
110 Head to Mystic Pines to pick up the medication.
120 Check on Wolfe.
130 Talk to April.
140 Returns to the Hornets HQ.
150 Run!
160 Follow Wolfmother.
170 Wait for Wolfmother to exit her Power Armor.
180 Talk to Wolfmother.
190 Speak with Hollis.