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Staff Sergeant Ian Mason is an NMA soldier appearing in Fertile Breeder. He offers the Courier caps for any Deathclaw Eggs they deliver.


Given his rank, Mason has had a decent history in the NCR military. At one point before the events of Fallout: New Vegas, he tried to set up a project to train Deathclaws for military use. Although his initial plans were shot down by the higher commands, the use of Breeders meant a turnaround for the project.

Although Mason is assigned the chief of the New Model Army, he does not get involved with combat operations. Instead, he is more interested in setting up the breeding programs in different NCR outposts and the training doctrines for NMA soldiers.


  • Mason is known to care about his fellow soldiers. He knows Carla and will push the Courier to rescue her, and he will personally appear to save the Courier at the end of the Fertile Breeder - Captured quest "The Seeds of Treason".
  • He is the only known male NMA soldier.