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Suzan Wolfe (sometimes referred to as "Dr. Wolfe") is a medical expert who has been studying the IHFM since it first appeared in the Mojave in 2277. In Fertile Breeder, she can be found at the Old Mormon Fort. In Boston Breeder, she is found during the quest Doctor On Call.


Suzan grew up in Freeside, and had always been the curious and caring type. When the Followers of the Apocalypse set up shop in Vegas, she was eager to join.

When the IHFM was suddenly introduced to the Mojave Wasteland in 2277, Wolfe was the first to take interest. Going as far as to infect herself to be able to better study the mutation, her devotion knew little bounds.

As the years went by, Wolfe gained a deep understanding of the Breeder Mutation, and eventually wanted to learn more about its origins rather than its applications. Up until 2281, however, she met little success aside from mere speculation and educated guesses.

Aside from her research on the IHFM, she attempts to raise public awareness of Breeders, in an attempt to keep the affected women from becoming outcasts due to their affliction.

Interactions with player[]

-Before the Courier has completed at least 5 Fertile Breeder scenarios, Wolfe will be at the Old Mormon fort attempting to fix the Maternity Observation Device (MOD). Once the Courier is done however, they can help Dr. Wolfe repair the machine, after which Wolfe will offer the Courier caps if they let her perform check-ups on her whilst pregnant.

-Once enough check-ups have been done, Wolfe will ask the Courier to find a downed sattelite, kicking off the quest First Time's The Hardest.

-During the quest Maternal Instincts, the player has to ask Wolfe for help by giving Emily's parents a lecture on the IHFM.


-Even if the player is using TTW, and has completed the Mothership Zeta DLC, they cannot inform Wolfe on the alien origin of the IHFM.

-Wolfe has been pregnant with every animal found in the Mojave Wasteland, except for Spore Carriers, Spore Plants, Lake Lurkers, Super Mutants, Centaurs and Aliens.