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Not to be confused with "The Hornets' Nest".

The Hornet's Nest is a quest in Boston Breeder. It focuses on April Bourne and, in a lesser degree, the Brotherhood Hornets.

As of version 1.6, this quest was scrapped and replaced by the "Hornets' Nest" three-parter, beginning with "A Friend In Need..."

Detailed Walkthrough[]

Head to the Boston Public Library, and find a Brotherhood squad with a couple of deathclaws included. Talk to Paladin April Bourne, and then head inside. April will check a library book terminal in the side entrance area and then ask you to meet her at a radio tower. She will then hand the Sole Survivor 4 Fusion Cores and leave for the radio tower.

The Sole Survivor will find April standing in front of the radio tower. Upon getting close enough, April will initiate dialogue and ask that the Sole Survivor accompany her to the nearby trailer park, Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates. It's a good idea to take the opportunity to extend the radio dishes while at the tower.

At the trailer park, a figure in old and worn power armor will be found. After a short dialogue, the nearby ghouls will begin actively attacking all three people standing there. After another short dialogue, a squad of super mutants will attack. After killing them, April will figure out that the figure in power armor is her mother, May Bourne, who abandoned her, and refuse reconciliation, storming off. April's mother will ask the Sole Survivor to help her get physically close with her daughter by either talking her into rejoining the Brotherhood or convincing April to leave the Brotherhood.

April's mother will give you a tracker so that you can know her position on the map. April will move to Nordhagen Beach. You can find April at the settlement, outside of her power armor.

Convince April to Leave the Brotherhood[]

A note on a piece of furniture where April first meets her mother can be used to convince April to follow through on the idea of setting up a remote outpost, thus allowing her to technically remain in the Brotherhood but also live with her mother. Upon asking her to do so and presenting the note, April will have a conversation with her mom, who may or may not be present, and then begin traveling to Taffington Boathouse without her power armor.

Quest stages[]

10 I've picked up a rumor about the Brotherhood Hornets. They're apparently running an operation near the Boston Public Library. I should check it out first chance I get.
20 I've reached the Library and get to see the Hornets in action. I should help them out if I can.
30 The fighting outside the Library has stopped, for now. I should talk to the leader of the Hornets if I want to find out more.
40 April Bourne, the leader of the Hornets, has asked me to help her clear out the Library so she can track a Distress Signal.
50 Paladin Bourne has managed to pull some information from the terminal. I should ask her what she found.
60 April is having a conversation with the scribe accompanying her. I should let them have their chat.
70 April has told me to meet her at Relay Station 1DL-109. I should meet her there and continue our hunt.
90 April and I are fighting our way to Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates. According to April, this is where the signal is coming from.
100 We've found the radio, but there's no sender to be seen.
110 We're being approached by a mysterious, Power Armor wielding soldier.
120 Fiddler's Green is under attack from Super Mutants. We should fight them off, then talk to the mysterious figure again.
130 The Super Mutants are dealt with, and it looks as if the Mysterious Figure is ready to talk. I should see who we're dealing with.
140 Looks like the mysterious figure is April's mother. The two don't seem to get along very well and April is pretty upset.
150 April has left pretty angry and left me with her mother. I should talk to Bourne.
160 Cpt. Bourne wants me to help her set things right with her daughter. I should either convince Bourne to rejoin the Brotherhood, or convince April to take leave and join her mother somewhere.
170 I've talked Cpt. Bourne into rejoining the Brotherhood. I should see if things go well between the two. They should be meeting at Nordhagen Beach.
180 Looks like things turned out well in the end. I should talk to April to wrap things up between us.
190 I've managed to convince April to join her mother. They're supposed to meet at Taffington Boathouse. I should see if everything works out well between the two.
200 Looks like things turned out well between the two. I should talk to Bourne to see if I can't help her take the Boathouse.
210 Bourne wants to retake Taffington Boathouse so she and April can live there together. I should help her secure it, but I'm sure they can deal with it themselves.
220 Bourne and April have now taken up residence at Taffington Boathouse. Everything seems to be going fairly well between the two. I should talk to Bourne to make sure all is well.
230Quest finishedQuest finishedI've managed to get Cpt. Bourne to rejoin the Brotherhood. With her now working under her daughter, they should be learning to get along again. Let's hope things don't turn sour once more.
240Quest finishedQuest finishedApril and Bourne now live together at Taffington Boathouse. Now that they're together, they should be able to get along again, unless something drives them apart once more. Let's hope it doesn't...


  • If you have never visited the library before, then the super mutant invasion event will occur if you remain long enough. One of the scribes that is with April will remain in the library afterward. This scribe is set as protected, so they will be downed but continually get back up and keep fighting super mutants. If you injure the scribe, they will become hostile. This can make setting up traps ahead of the impending blitz attack risky, unless the scribe is also killed by the traps.
  • It is possible to complete Daisy's quest to kill the super mutants at the library at the same time as this quest, keeping the fact that the Brotherhood scribe will be present in mind.


  • April's mother exits her power armor and leaves it at the trailer park after she and April have a conversation, following the fight with the super mutants. She has ownership of her armor components though, so taking any of them, even while sneaking, can make her permanently hostile, which can be a problem because she is also set as essential. This can be avoided by leaving her power armor alone.
  • Shooting April or her mother, even by accident, during either the ghoul or mutant fight will make them become hostile toward the Sole Survivor.
  • After April and her mother should be living together at Taffington Boathouse, only her mother will be found there with two other settlers. April will never show up, and her mother will not respond when starting a conversation, leading to a broken quest. The quest can be cleared through the console, however April's mother will continue to stand in place forever. This console command will work:
CompleteQuest BBM03
  • The bug with being unable to complete the quest may be related to having a follower, as April may appear behind the player as a "follower" when changing followers. Consider dismissing all followers before starting this quest.