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This quest will begin right after speaking with Hollis, April and Wolfmother and receiving the Syringer.

10 Drug the Deathclaws.
20 Wait for the drugs to take effect.
30 Wait for the discussion to be over.
40 Return to Hollis.
50 Return the medicine to April.
60 Listen to the briefing.
70 Convince Bourne to join the assault at Mystic Pines.
80 Assault Mystic Pines.
90 Investigate the basement.
100 Find a clue on Spears's location.
110 Talk to April.
120 Intercept Spears near Med-Tek Research.
130 Talk to April.
140 Talk to Spears.
150 Return to the Hornets.
160 Kill Spears.
170 Talk to April.
180 Return to the Hornets HQ.
190 Talk to April.


During the stage 170, talking to April may cause a CTD if you have reached Spears from north (Med-Tek's direction). If this happens, reload a previous save and reach him from south (take the bridge near to the Irish Pride Industries.

During the stage 180, when you need to go back at FOB Sigma, talking to other characters may cause CTD as the dialogue with the characters there results already started. If this happens, just fast travel to FOB Sigma and complete the dialogue, or if you prefer to go there without the fast travel you need to avoid talking to other npcs.